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Rules & Regulations

1. The Russell Agricultural Society is a not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers. The mandate of this Society is to stimulate the good agricultural practices within the Township and, at every opportunity, to project the image of agriculture and rural living to the general public.

2. The Executive and Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Society. The immediate Past President, President, first Vice-President, second Vice-President, Homecraft Representative, Secretary, and the Treasurer shall constitute the Executive committee.

3. The fee for membership in this Society shall be $10.00 (ten dollars), HST included, per member, per annum and entitles each member to the following:

(a) The right to exhibit or compete, after payment of entry fee, in any or all classes at the annual fair or any other exhibition or competition sponsored by this Society during the year of membership;
(b) The right to receive a copy of the annual report and financial statement;
(c) The right to examine all books and records of this Society upon request to the Board of Directors.
(d) The right to one free gate admission. Any person whose membership is in arrears shall not be entitled to vote or be elected to office.

4. A “junior” is a person under 18 years of age. Junior exhibitors do not require Society membership if competing in the junior categories, but must obtain an exhibitor’s number from the Fair Secretary. Exhibitors under the age of 18, who wish to compete in other than junior competitions require a valid and current Society membership.

5. The Society accepts no responsibility whatever, explicit or implied, for accident, damage, injury or loss to any persons, animal, vehicle or goods on any ground or in any buildings owned by or under its jurisdiction.

6. Any protest must be submitted in writing stating specifically the reason for protest. A protest, together with the sum of $50.00 (fifty dollars) must be submitted to the Fair Secretary by 10:00 p.m. the day of the alleged occurrence causing protest, after which time no submission shall be allowed. Submissions of protest will be investigated at a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors. If the protest is allowed, the plaintiff will be so advised and the deposit refunded. If the protest is found to be unfounded, the plaintiff will be so advised and the deposit forfeited.

7. Any person fraudulently obtaining prizes in any way from the Society shall forfeit all prizes awarded to him/her.

8. A charge of $25.00 (twenty dollars) will be made on all NSF cheques.

9. Exhibitors and competitors must leave all exhibits in place until specified time in each section, under penalty of forfeiture of all prize monies won.

10. No person shall receive a premium for any animals or articles that, in the opinion of the judge, is not worthy of award. Discretionary premiums may be awarded on the recommendation of the judge.

11. All exhibitors or competitors receiving prize money will have a membership fee of $10.00 (ten dollars) for the following year deducted from such prize money. In lieu of entry fees in the agricultural products, culinary arts, handcrafts, flowers and antiques sections, exhibitors will have an extra 10% deducted for winnings over $10.00 (ten dollars).

12. Prize winners are requested to cash their cheques promptly. Cancelled cheques not received by Scotiabank, Russell Branch, 60 days after issue will be void. All such cheques will be considered a donation to the Society.

13. Entry forms must be completed with correct address, telephone number and signature of the person designated on the entry form or the Society will not be responsible for payment of prize money.

14. Any applicable fees must accompany the entry form.

15. In the event of the cancellation of any classes of the show, entry fees will be
and no prize money issued. In the event of insufficient funds to pay prize money in full, the Directors reserve the right to deduct the necessary percentage.

16. Exhibitor passes:

(a) Horses: 1 or 2 animals = 1 pass,
Each additional 2 animals = 1 pass up to a maximum of 4 passes per farm/owner.

(b) Cattle: 1 to 5 animals = 1 pass
6 to 10 animals = 2 passes.

(c) Sheep: 1 to 8 animals = 1 pass
9 or more animals = 2 passes.

17. No person may interfere with the Judges, Directors or Officers of the Society, or use any abusive or contemptuous language in their presence. Such conduct may incur the forfeiture of his/her right to any premium to which he or she may otherwise have been entitled. Disqualifications under this rule may be published with the list of awards.

18. Exhibitors of cattle, sheep, horses and such groups as named by the Executive MUST provide proof of liability insurance coverage of at least $2,000,000 or entries will be refused.

19. The Board reserves the right to make amendments without prior public notice.