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Lindley McPhail       613 445-0754
Pegi Holtz                613 821-0364
Marilyn MacMillan



PRIZE MONEY (unless otherwise stated)
1st 2nd 3rd
$7 $6 $5



    1. $20 gift certificate for exhibitor with most points, donated by Meadow Greens Nursery.
    2. $10 for new exhibitor with most points, donated by The Russell Village Women’s Institute.
    3. $20 gift certificate donated by Beyond the House Garden Centre for #82 “Spectacular Succulents”.
    4. $20 additional prize money donated by Eastern Ontario Trailer Service for #84 “Synergy”.
    5. $20 additional prize money donated by Serenity Landscaping for #86 “Splish Splash”.


    a) General rules and regulations of the Russell Agricultural Society apply.
    b) Exhibitors must be members of the Russell Agricultural Society. Memberships, entry forms and entry tags are available from the Fair Secretary at 613-445-1742 or info@russellfair.com.
    c) If using a downloadable entry form, entry form must be in the hands of the Fair Secretary by Friday, September 2, 2016.  Photographs of entry forms sent via email are not acceptable.
    d) Entries may be placed in the foyer of the Arena on Wednesday, September 7, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m., or Thursday, September 8, between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. All exhibits must be tagged, numbered and in the foyer of the Arena by 9:30 a.m., Thursday, September 8, 2016. Entries to be removed on Sunday, September 11, after 4:30 p.m.
    e) Plants and flowers must be grown by the exhibitor unless otherwise stipulated.
    f) No admission to the hall while judging is in progress.
    g) Judging will follow the Ontario Judging Standards Publication 34.
    h) In lieu of entry fees, exhibitors will have an extra 10% deducted for their winnings over $10.


    a) Please use clear glass containers for specimens of annuals, perennials and the specials as this helps the judge to examine entries without lifting the plant material.
    b) Please take a few moments to groom your entry of damaged flowers, leaves and spent blooms.
    c) A good specimen gladiolus has a straight stem and 1/3 open florets, 1/3 buds showing colour and 1/3 buds not showing colour. Flowers should face front with a gradual taper.
    d) To stabilize specimens, cedar sprigs may be used on the container.
    e) Remove leaves below the water line in specimens.

  • Remember – the exact number of specimens called for must be shown. Only self-foliage is permitted to be attached. Name the cultivar when possible.


    1. Asters, 3 blooms, 1 cultivar.
    2. Bachelor buttons, 5 blooms.
    3. Calendulas, 3 blooms, 1 cultivar.
    4. Cleome (Spider flower), 3 stems.
    5. Cosmos (C. bipinnatus), any colour, 3 sprays.
    6. Cosmos (C. sulphurous), any colour, 3 sprays.
    7. Dahlias, pompon type, 3 blooms, 1 cultivar.
    8. Dahlias, decorative type, 3 blooms, 1 cultivar.
    9. Globe Thistle (Eryngium), 1 bloom.
    10. Marigolds, 7 cm or over, 3 blooms.
    11. Marigolds, under 7 cm, 5 blooms.
    12. Nasturtiums, 5 blooms, own foliage.
    13. Petunias, solid colour, 3 sprays.
    14. Petunias, bi-colour, 3 sprays.
    15. Portulaca, 3 stems.
    16. Salvia, 3 spikes.
    17. Snapdragons, 3 spikes.
    18. Statice, fresh, 3 stems.
    19. Strawflowers, fresh, 3 stems.
    20. Sunflowers, solid colour, 3 stems.
    21. Sunflowers, bi-colour, 3 stems.
    22. Sweet Peas, mixed colours, 3 stems.
    23. Zinnias, 7 cm or under, 5 blooms.
    24. Zinnias, over 7 cm, 3 blooms.
    25. Any other annual not listed above, 3

    26. Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta, hairy, rough leaves and stems, 5 blooms.
    Special prize: – 1st – $10; 2nd – $6; 3rd – $5, sponsored by Russell & District Horticultural Society
    27. Rudbeckia, any other colour, 5 blooms.
    28. Chrysanthemum, 1 cultivar, 3 sprays.
    29. Coneflower, 3 stems, purple.
    30. Coneflower, 3 stems, any other colour.
    31. Cornflower (perennial Bachelor’s Buttons), 3 stems.
    32. Gaillardia (Blanketflower), 3 stems.
    33. Rose, floribunda, 1 spray.
    34. Rose, hybrid tea, 1 stem.
    35. Rose, mini, 1 spray.
    36. Rose, modern shrub, named, 1 spray.
    37. Rose, any other cultivar, named, 1 stem.
    38. Statice, 3 stems.
    39. Sweet pea, 3 stems.
    40. Any other perennial not mentioned above, 1 stem, named.

    Potted plants should be exhibited in the containers they are grown in, no cache pots (decorative cover pots) please.

    41. African Violet.
    42. Any Potted Plant, not listed, named.
    43. Begonia, Rex (grown for their decorative patterned leaves).
    44. Begonia, Tuberous (grown from a tuber).
    45. Cyclamen.
    46. Cactus, named.
    47. Coleus.
    48. Dish Garden.
    49. Fern, named.
    50. Geranium (Pelargonium) in bloom.
    51. Flowering planter that you designed and planted yourself, minimum 3 types of plants.
    52. Ivy.
    53. Jade plant.
    54. Orchid in bloom, named.


    55. Amaranthus, 1 stem.
    56. Begonia (tuberous) 1 stem – only the large male bloom should be exhibited, without the two smaller female blooms on each side.
    57. Bells of Ireland, 1 stem.
    58. Celosia, 1 stem.
    59. Coleus, 1 stem.
    60. Collection of 3 or more cultivars of any one type of flower.
    61. Dahlia, 1 bloom over 12 cm.
    62. Day lily, 1 stem.
    63. Flowering vine, in bloom, minimum length 40 cm. outside the vase, named.
    64. Gladiolus, mini (florets under 9 cm) 1 spike.
    65. Gladiolus, large (florets over 9 cm), 1 spike.
    66. Heuchera leaves, 3, same variety.
    67. Heuchera leaves, collection of different varieties.
    68. Hosta Leaves collection, 5.
    69. Largest flower, excluding sunflower.
    70. Most fragrant flower.
    71. Phlox, 1 stem.
    72. Rose, 1 bloom, floating in water, foliage may be added.
    73. Any other annual or biennial not listed above, 1 stem, named.
    74. Vase of annual or biennial flowers, 2 of each, minimum of three varieties, named.
    75. Any other perennial or shrub not listed above, 1 stem, named.
    76. Vase of flowering perennial shrubs.
    77. Vase of ornamental grasses.
    78. Holiest hosta leaf (one with the most holes).
    79. Rose leaves with the worst leaf cutter bee damage.

    Flowers may be purchased and need not be grown by exhibitor.

    PRIZE MONEY (Sections 80-89)
    1st 2nd 3rd
    $10 $9 $8

    80. “In the Pink”, a front-facing arrangement.
    81. “Tiny Me”, an arrangement under 5” in any direction.
    82. “Spectacular Succulents”, an arrangement using mostly succulents.
    83. “It’s a Big One!”, a large arrangement using dahlias.
    84. “Synergy”, a contemporary design in which several containers are used in a composition. Each container may hold a complete or a partial arrangement and the combined units create a unified whole.
    85. “Best Foot Forward”, an arrangement in a single piece of footwear.
    86. “Splish Splash”, a water viewing arrangement.
    87. “Shades of Fall”, an arrangement incorporating fruits, vegetables, flower, seeds and leaves in a basket with a handle.
    88. “Fun with Foliage”, a table centre arrangement using only foliage.
    89. “Last Roses of Summer”, an arrangement of roses and/or rosehips with any complimentary foliage.