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Commercial Features Display


Rudy Schoeni    613 443-2410
Henry Staal



1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
$50 $40 $30 $20 $11








    The Hank Staal Memorial Trophy is awarded to the exhibitor(s) earning the highest number of points, calculated by total points from his/her top 5 exhibits in the Commercial Features Display Class.

    The 2015 recipient of the Hank Staal Memorial Trophy was John Oeschger.



    a) General rules and regulations of the Russell Agricultural Society apply.
    b) One entry per exhibitor in any section.
    c) In lieu of entry fees, exhibitors will have 10% deducted for winning over $10.
    c) Hay – an exhibit of one cured flake exhibited in a clear plastic bag. Bag will be supplied by the Society.
    e) For corn and bean sections, please specify name on the entry tag.
    f) If using a downloadable entry form, entry form must be in the hands of the Fair Secretary by Friday, September 2, 2016. Photograhps of entry forms sent via email are not acceptable.
    g) Exhibits must be placed in Barn #2 (round barn) and in the hands of the Committee on by 12:00 noon on Thursday, September 8, 201.


    1. Haylage; 10 lbs. – sponsored by Agri-Partners Crop Centre Ltd.
    2. Corn silage; 10 lbs. – sponsored by Greg Millard of Vernon Valley Farm, Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.
    3. Corn; grain corn, 6 ears, current year – sponsored by Henry Staal, Pride Seeds.
    4. Corn; 6 stalks – sponsored by Henry Staal, Pride Seeds
    5. Hay – sponsored by Embrun Co-op
    6. Corn cob with most kernels – sponsored by Jaquemet Elevators
    7. Wheat; an exhibit of 10 lbs., home grown, untreated – sponsored by Rutters Elevators
    8. Soybeans; 10 stalks – sponsored by SynAgri
    9. Soybean plant with the most pods – sponsored by Paul Menard, Supreme Seeds